Am I right thinking that Gigabyte is the best brand for hackintosh?

I have a Gigabyte H310M M.2 with a Pentium G5400 (not supported) and I’m able to install and boot MacOS Catalina on my PC. My friend has a H310 too, but from Asus, with an i5 8400 (supported processor and iGPU) and he can’t even get to boot the installation. My first hackintosh that I made when I was a teen was a Gigabyte 945GZM with a Celeron processor, so for the new PC that I built after almost a decade using legitimate Macs, I got a Gigabyte, just in case.. :) and here I am. On a hackintosh community hackintoshing again ... with my Gigabyte mobo. Yeah. \o/ \o/

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