8 Years and Many Upgrades Later - Stumped on inject ATI issue causing 90 second boot time / 10.14

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I've taken this hackintosh as my daily driver for 8 years and it has been wonderful. A few graphics card upgrades, some hard drive swaps and now I'm finally moving from 10.12 to 10.14. The problem I have is twofold - but I think it is more of an issue with my graphics card than my hd.

Prior to upgrading to 10.14 (clean install) I ran HFS and 10.12 with a Radeon R9 270. The system booted off a Samsung evo 860 and still does. Boot time was about 20 seconds from selecting the boot drive in clover.

Now, I'm up to almost 90 seconds for the same hardware. I thought at first it was something to do with trim since I've moved to a APFS from HFS. Tried enabling and disabling trim, but same issue persists.

I've got fakeid set for the card as 0x68101002 and inject ATI enabled - boots up fine, full metal supported - but it takes for-freaking-ever to boot. Especially when it was under 30 seconds before.

If I boot w/o inject ati I get obviously no acceleration, but that wonderful SSD speed load time I'm accustomed to.

Any thoughts / ideas / is this just how 10.14 is?

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