2011 iMac 27" with K1100M & Catalina = partial hackintosh

This is not a full-on hackintosh, but hope that this will help those who have the same issue as I did.

The 2011 iMacs have been know to have bad graphics cards (AMD HD 6970M in my case). Even if it was replaced with another Apple version graphics card, it will eventually die again. I decided to replace the Apple graphics card with a non-Apple card (Intel K1100M). I have also installed Catalina on this system, in which it was considered unsupported. Both of these required OpenCore/Catalina Patcher/hackintool/Kext Utilities, which is similar to hackintoshes out there.

While this may not be a full-on hackintosh, but some of the tools are used for hackintoshes.

I have decided to document my complete process of this project and think that this reading material will help new folks to hackintosh to understand how some of these tools are used.

My write-up is located HERE

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