USB Instability - High Sierra VM on Unraid - System restarts about 1/3 of the time a USB device is connected/disconnected

I'm very new to MacOS virtualization but have been learning as much as I can since I started on this project. I've been able to successfully get a High Sierra VM running, with everything I want working well.

HW is Ryzen 3700x, Asrock B450m Pro4 board. Host is Unraid and the VM setup itself came from the Macinabox docker container.

Nvidia Quadro P400 is passed through, along with a USB controller, with the information I have on this controller listed as "USB controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] 400 Series Chipset USB 3.1 XHCI Controller (rev 01)"

This all works, except that plugging or unplugging USB devices often causes the VM to reboot, roughly 30% of the time. I have a KB, mouse, and a few other devices on a USB hub/switch that I use to swap between a couple other systems. And while this works perfectly on my other systems, including a Macbook pro, it causes reboots on this VM.

In my searches, I did find that there are some challenges for USB controllers especially on Ryzen platforms. But so far the fixes I've seen for this seem to be geared toward getting your USB ports actually seen or working. I haven't really seen anyone mention issues with stability like I'm having.

So I was trying to find out if the fixes/guides that mention OS-X-USB-Inject-All are the right path to be taking for the problem I'm having, or if there's something less involved I can possibly try first?

Thanks for any help.

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