trying to install mojave on dell optiplex 3040 micro [failed - prohibited sign]


i managed to get the mojave installer start booting on my dell 3040 - it looks like i have to disable RebuildAppleMemoryMap to even get that far.

however, the kernel printfs kind of hang for a while after network device initialization, and then i get the "prohibited sign". the opencore docs say this usually has something to do with USB. i've tried USBInjectAll.kext and also enabling USBReleaseOwnership in config.plist but no joy.

i know people have gotten this machine to work with clover, but i really don't want to go backwards. the bios does not seem to have any EHCI/XHCI handoff setting, which makes me worry. also there is no way to turn off CFG lock and it is reported locked by the EFI MSR checker tool. i do have AppleXcpmCfgLock and AppleCpuPmCfgLock enabled in config.plist, so hopefully that is taken care of.

anyone got one of these working with opencore? does the smbios chosen have any effect this early in the boot? i'm using an iMac SMBIOS but i wonder if i should be using MacMini8,1.

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