Thunderbolt 3 with a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite Wifi

I've done a lot of research on getting the gigabyte gc titan thunderbolt AIC to work without the motherboard header (by shorting pins 3 and 5). I also know that for those mobos that do have the header, it's possible to have TB3 on hackintosh and the bios has an option for enabling TB3.

My question is whether anyone knows if I can enable thunderbolt 3 via AIC with a board that doesn't have the header (assuming i can trick the card into thinking the header is present) and that the bios may not have the TB3 options?

I'm still planning my build but I've already got my 3700X and vengeance lpx 32gb ram. Still deciding on the mobo, if the above won't work then i may have to wait until the B550 Vision D comes out in Hong Kong since that one has tb3 built in. I was planning on the X570 Pro Wifi but unfortunately it doesn't seem that's available in Hong Kong.

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