Success Dual Boot Catalina and Windows on ASUS M32CD

Success Dual Boot Catalina and Windows on ASUS M32CD

Model: ASUS M32CD (H110)

CPU: Intel Core i3-6100

GPU: Intel HD 530

RAM: 16GB 2133 MHz

Storage: 1TB HDD (750GB on macOS & 250GB on Windows)

Ethernet: RTL8111

Audio: Realtek Audio

Wi-Fi/BT: AR9380 (Unsupported), USB Bluetooth

BIOS: 1102

EFI: Clover

Guide: Hackintosh Vanilla Desktop Guide (Clover)

I had issues to run OpenCore, but didn't worked. I use Clover instead to start installation. I recevied kernel panic during booting into USB, but I patched DVMT if options isn't available on BIOS and it worked perfectly. I have Wi-Fi, but unsupported since Mojave. I can use Android Phone USB Tethering so I can get on internet. I've installed Windows 10 on same drive, but first you need go to recovery to resize disk space before begin to install Windows. I might buy SSD soon because of slow hard drive.

If you can't disable secure boot on ASUS BIOS, use "Other OS".

I've never menthoned, USB 3.1 is working.

Working: iGPU Acceleration, Ethernet, USB Bluetooth, iServices, Built-in Speaker, USB 3.0/3.1

Not Working/Tested: Wi-Fi (Unsupported since Mojave, but I can use Android Phone USB Tethering), iGPU HDMI Speaker, SD Card (Not Tested), Sleep (Not Tested)

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