Small form factor build for around $800-$1000?

So I haven't built a computer in a decade and all the machines I have at home are laptops (X220 hackintosh, XPS 15 debian, and an older XPS 13 with 4GB ram only, I don't know what I was thinking either, but somehow it's working fine for my wife as her VDI terminal for work and it's good enough for her casual use around the house).

Anyhow, I am looking to build a new PC that can run mac OS. i5 or i7, 32GB ram, 512GB SSD, I am not sure about my graphics requirements, I don't game but recent life events have got me thinking maybe I should start editing videos and putting them on youtube for my family, and there's quite a bit of footage to go through.

I am trying to decide between a NUC and perhaps a mini ITX form factor. I have the desk/shelf space for something small, it will be ideal though if it can be mounted behind the monitor.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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