Samsun 970 Evo Plus safe to use?

Hey all, just a simple compatibility question here,

Currently running a Clover Hackintosh, dual-boot with MacOS on an m.2 Samsung 860 and Windows 10 on a SATA Samsung 850. Except for the OSs regularly having trouble seeing each other's drives (not a concern), it's worked pretty much flawlessly for me.

Except for space limitations - each SSD is only 250gb, and it's getting crammed. I've been looking at adding another m.2 SSD to the motherboard, and the Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500gb is looking pretty good. However there seems to be conflicting information out there about their compatibility. Older information suggests they don't work at all. I have seen quite a few posts that say they work fine though. Should I expect that I'll be able to buy one of these and have them work straight out of the box, or will there be additional steps to take? Particularly given this likely won't be used as a boot disk by either OS? And should I expect that both OSs will be able to see and act on the drive?

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