Ryzen 9 3900x x570 Steel Legend - Error [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] - Please help


I was wondering if anyone could help me please?

I have recently upgraded to a Ryzen 9 3900x with a Asrock x570 Steel Legend Mobo last week with the intention to hackintosh the system.

I followed the Opencore written guide and managed to get everything working first time and was very happy. I had been using it and had no issues until the other day.

For some reason OSX didn't want to boot so i thought something may have corrupt so i formatted the drive it was installed on and tried to start again, the USB installer was not doing anything and wouldn't let me get to the recovery screen to reinstall.

I have followed the written guide that i had originally followed and have tried to make another USB installer however I am stuck and very baffled. I am not able to get to the installation screen and when checking the error logs, the final message is "[EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]".

I have tried following the different steps on the troubleshooting section on the guide for the config.plist and am still having no luck.

Is there anyone out there who can help me please as I have been trying for a week now and have had no luck and feel like i'm going crazy.

I can provide my config.plist and any other files if required.

Thank you,


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