Running 10.15.5 on surface 2017 with Clover 5119 relatively flawlessly, but how to switch to OC?

I'm now running 10.15.5 on Surface Pro 2017 (i5 8+256) relatively flawlessly without the onboard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Touchscreen, Battery Detection, and Volume buttons for about a year (Not meaning the exact version for a year but the overall experience). It's pretty usable when connected to USB Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with a dongle. However when I tried to find some updated news I just noticed that on English based forums the Surface Pro 2017 is poorly updated with information on 15.4 and later, so I post this today.

The EFI is Clover and it's mostly created in the last year by other surface hackintosh enthusiasts. (I'm just a newbie.) Clover version: r5144; kext version: AppleALC: 1.4.8/ Lilu: 1.4.3/ NullEthernet: 1.0.6/ VisualSMC: 1.1.2/ VoodooI2C: 2.1.6/ WhateverGreen: 1.3.8 (You can update these later by yourself.)


  • During installation, you need to change ig-platform-id to 0x12345678, enable -v until you enter the system for the first time.
  • After entering the system for the first time, please:
  1. First open the sle file lock, the method is to enter: (This step is exclusive to the 10.15.x system, it's a one-time operation, and it will be re-locked after restarting)

    sudo mount -o rw /

  2. Then open the terminal to rebuild the cache using command: (or use the kext utility to rebuild the cache)

    sudo kextcache -i /

  • voodooi2c must be installed to S/L/E or L/E to take effect

The EFI is originally for 10.14.4 and I can only upgrade to 10.14.6 with HiDPI and Graphics acceleration on if no config change is applied. However, I managed to find a discussion about SP4 Graphics acceleration on 10.15. And I asked them for the patch.

Upgrading from 10.14.6 to 10.15.1, the DVMT MinStolenMemory Patch was changed as below, so I tried to change it in Kernel and Kext Patches page in Clover Configurator. (Also pay attention that the MatchOS should be 10.15.x)

macOS 10.15 (19A602) DVMT MinStolenMemory Patch by FireWolf


Find: 0F82A703 0000

Repl: EB04A703 0000

And in the 10.15.4 update, DVMT MinStolenMemory Patch is changed again:


Find: 0F828F03 0000

Repl: EB048F03 0000

Comment: Disable minStolenSize less or equal fStolenMemorySize assertion, 10.15 (based on Austere.J patch by PMheart)

the original one on 10.14.4 and 10.14.6 is:

Find: 764648FF 05

Repl: EB4648FF 05

BTW, the trackpad multitouch function on my device might be inherited by upgrading from 10.14 since I only installed the voodooI2C in S/L/E in 10.14 and never did it in 10.15, which the system is not writable if not using the terminal. But I guess it might still work if you go straight to 15.5 and use the terminal line and then install the voodooI2C.kext.

I haven't tried OC yet, and I guess it's a bit different to configure, so you guys can try using Clover at first. But in the end, switching to OC seems inevitable. Hope someone can get all things working on OC 0.5.9 as well.

This is the original Chinese thread that I got the EFI and voodooI2C so my 10.14.6 graphics and trackpad worked well in the first place. However new users can't directly access it. I guess it hadn't changed much form the one at insanelymac.

And this is my own EFI working for 15.4. This is the voodooI2C I used in 10.14. If anyone need easier access to anything on my side just ask me.

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