Plz point me out if i'm wrong

I am trying to install mac OS High Sierra using OpenCore on my laptop

Laptop Specs:

  1. Dell 3542 , Core i7 4510U (Haswell)
  2. Nvidia 840 M dedicated graphics
  3. Intel HD 4400 Graphics
  4. 8gb DDR3 RAM
  5. 120 gb SSD
  6. Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Card

What I know from before:

Long story short, I've installed macOS on my laptop before using Olarilla but it was really slow and unusable. Moreover, my WiFi only worked on High Sierra , that's the reason i've decided to go with High Sierra.

What I have done so far :

  1. I have I gathered kexts
  2. Added Open Core to my USB drive
  3. Copied Gib's Mac recover to the usb i'll do an online install.
  4. Cleaned the unnecessary files as mentioned in the guide.
  5. Used SSDTime to generate three SSDT files

Where I'm stuck:

  1. The Realtek Ethernet kext linked in the guide is a folder and doesn't contain .kext file. What should I do ?
  2. The guide has changes highlighted with red squares while here is a snapshot of my Config.plist file . I don't have files in the ACPI folder that are named like in the guide. What should I do ?

Any help would be appreciated.

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