Open Core boot question, switching from Clover

So I’ve been reading the vanilla guide and preparing my files for open core. I have a stable clover build Catalina machine now so I’ve been specifically looking at some of the guide info on switching from clover to open core (not a full Image wipe). I have 2 questions remaining that I’ve been struggling to find clear info on:

  1. DSDT. I see instructions to obtain it, and where it SHOULDNT be put in the EFI folder. But I do not understand the need for it or what to do with it after creating it?

  2. Testing my open core EFI. I’m building the regular USB stick, so will I be able to just boot from that USB (select from bios) and boot from my current OS? Obviously there are a few Clover files I need to check for in my structure, but is this ok to do for testing before I swap my EFI folders?

Thanks for the support, excited for open core but still trying to grow my understanding.

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