No HDMI Audio on a DC NUC, OpenCore 0.5.9

No HDMI Audio on a DC NUC, OpenCore 0.5.9

Hi all. I am new to the Hackintosh scene, and I am sorry if I have made some silly mistakes there!

I was recently given an Intel NUC (NUC7, with an i7 8th gen CPU) and I intend to install macOS on it via OpenCore. So far I have got a stable system, except that there is no audio out device found (not the HDMI output device that it should have). The NUC board I am using does not have any audio ports, so I would really like the audio output working through the HDMI port.

I have followed Dortania's OpenCore desktop guide, tweaked some ACPI, and mapped ports with USBmap (with reference to Rehabman's Clover NUC guide). However, I am not able to get the layout-id for use with the AppleALC. I tried out several common values (1-5, 7, 28) but it seems nothing works. Any pointers?



Motherboard: Intel NUC7i7DNB (Kit: NUC7i7DNKE), Dawson Canyon

CPU: Intel i7-8650U, Kaby Lake R

GPU: (iGPU, Intel UHD Graphics 620)

RAM: Kingston HyperX Impact DDR4-2400 16GB (*2)



IORegistryExplorer screenshot on HDEF

EFI Folder:

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