Need clarification on USB mapping

My first Hackintosh:

MOBO: P8Z68-V/GEN3 (ASMedia 3.0 USB Controller)

CPU: i7-3700k (Ivy Lake)


OS: 10.15.5

Setup using OpenCore 0.5.9

Here is my setup: GitHub

Hi, I've been reading a lot of helpful guides online and so far things have been great; but I am a bit confused on the correct process for USB mapping, there seems to be conflicting information out there.

For one, this guide (last updated June 20) suggests to use the USBMap.kext (not USBInjectAll + SSDT-UIAC.aml), and even shows that this method is able to remove ports. On the other hand, the readme of Corpnewt's USBMap repo states that ports can only be added using this method, and suggests using the latter method if by default (without USBInjectAll) the system detects ports excess of 15.

I tried both and neither worked for removing ports. I got a full list of all my USB 2.0 ports using things like Hackintool, USBMap.command, (my USB 3.0 don't show up in these interfaces, see here) no matter what I did there, but maybe there was a mistake on my part.

My system by default seems to detect more than 15 ports, so should I try and go again with the USBInjectAll + SSDT-UIAC.aml method? Or again with the first method? (more recently updated).

Sorry if there is a misunderstanding on my part, I've read most USB mapping guides few times over and am still confused so thought I'd ask for help.

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