Install macOS before Manjaro or vice versa? Already have Windows; planning to triple-boot

Right now I only have Windows installed on my PC and I'm planning to run a triple boot to also have Manjaro (or probably another Linux distro) and macOS, with one separate SSD for each OS.

My current system is: * Ryzen 5 3600 * MSI B450M Mortar (non Max) * 16GB 3200MHz HyperX Predator RGB RAM * Gigabyte RX 570 4GB * 1TB Patriot VPN100 NVME SSD (Windows) * Seasonic Focus+ Gold 550W PSU

May I ask if anyone has tried a similar triple boot setup if it's preferred to have macOS installed next then Linux; or go with Linux first then macOS? Or it doesn't matter for the order given they are on separate drives?

EDIT: I'll plan to use OpenCore; this will be the first time ever doing it and haven't researched much yet but I'll try to do as much troubleshooting for any further issues.

P.S. Is it also possible to boot macOS from a PCIe x1 card with NVME drive on it (knowing speeds will be gimped)? Since I'll plan to have the 2 M.2 slots on the mobo occupied by SSDs with Windows and Linux. If not I can understand and get a SATA SSD instead.

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