i7-10700K Success in progress/Post-install questions

Hi again!

Following the advice from several commentors on my last post, I ditched the tonymacx86 guide and followed the Vanilla guide in the sidebar for my Comet Lake setup. The install, while tedious, was successful and now I am able to boot Catalina!

Now I am at the post-installation part of the process and I have a few questions/concerns. First, here's the basic setup I'm running:

Mobo: ASUS TUF Gaming Z490 Plus WiFi

CPU: Intel i7-10700K (Not OC-ed yet, will do later)

GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ 5700 XT

RAM: Ripjaws V 16GB x 4 (Not sure if RAM matters, just decided to list in case it does)

Boot drives: 2x Samsung 970 Evo M.2 NVME 1TB (One with Catalina, one with Windows)

Fixing Audio: So I followed the guide and found my motherboard's codec (S1200A) and layout IDs in this chart, then tested the three options one at a time using the alcid=xx boot-arg as per outlined in the guide. None of them seemed to work. I could select from the two analog outputs, one digital output, and headphone output all available from both the settings menu and the top bar (status bar? tool bar? taskbar?) in the OS, but no sound resulted from any combination of alcid + output. I then followed the Troubleshooting section of the guide for fixing audio, checking if I had the right kexts. Got em. Then I checked the OC log to see if AppleALC and Lilu were injected correctly. There was nothing about any "Prelink injection" in the most recent or previous logs. No success, no fail, nothing. Nothing about AppleALC or Lilu. The guide has nothing on if that happens, so I moved on. IORegistry showed that I have a properly setup HDEF device *with* the correct alcid I configured in config.plist. I tried adding alcdelay=1000 to the boot-args and fixed nothing. I ran the suggested command in terminal to see if HDA is vanilla, but what I got back as a result didn't make any sense to me. After a second, it also said "Warning: /AppleInternal/Library/Extensions: No such file or directory". I have an external audio interface that I will be using a majority of the time, but I'd still like to be able to use the motherboard outputs available to me. You know, that way I'll have it... What am I doing wrong here?

Fixing CFG-Lock: I read that my (and other ASUS) Z490 board comes unlocked. I'm not sure how true that is, so if anybody could shed some light on that and let me know if I need to go ahead with this part of the guide then that would be sweet. I don't have an option for CFG-Lock on my motherboard, so maybe it is unlocked OOB?

Fixing DRM: So whatever VDADecoderChecker was checking failed, so I continued down the guide. All of my hardware is supported, so that's not it. I have no option to enable iGPU in BIOS, so the next part of the guide was useless. I checked the log to see if Lilu and WhateverGreen were loaded, but it was the same story as the last time. Nothing found for "Prelink injection". The Fairplay 1.x test worked, but the Amazon Prime trailer did not. Upon loading, I get a "Plugin Unsupported" message in Safari. I kept moving through the guide to see what else could be done. The next step involved patching something under Device Properties->Add in config.plist, but I was unable to find any PciRoot paths for either a dGPU or iGPU. The AAPL,ig-platform-id was already set to the correct setting for my use (dGPU display out) and I added the framebuffer-path-enable and stolenmem strings to config.plist just in case, even though the guide said it was unnecessary. (Do I need those last two? Is a "headless framebuffer = to dedicated GPU being used for display out?) Should I manually set up the required i/dGPU PciRoot Path in config.plist and add everything by hand. or should it already be there?

Emulated NVRAM: My CPU is 10th gen, so I don't need to do this, right? Am I already running supported native NVRAM?

Fixing Power Management: So in IORegistry, my CPU is displayed as "PR00@0", not "CP00@0" as the guide illustrates. Does that mean power management is working? If so, do I have to follow the rest of the steps in the section (using CPU Friend and all that noise), or am I good to go for this part?

Setting Up Bootstrap: This worked, and now I have a new boot option in BIOS. Is this just a redundancy sort of thing in case the other BOOTx64.efi gets overwritten somehow, or is this the boot option I should be choosing to boot into Catalina from now on?

Fixing USB: I didn't get very far here at all. I am using the iMac 19,1 SMBIOS, and as per the guide, I do not need renames before mapping. However, upon loading USBMap and choosing "Discover Ports", the program "was unable to locate any valid ports". What gives?

Other: Safari seems to freeze for a few seconds every so often. Is this normal or is it a sign that something needs fixing? Also, I use verbose mode when booting into Catalina, and I see a lot of lines that say "Err" or "Unsupported". I can't make out the rest of the lines, as they fly way too fast across the screen for me to read. Are a few "Err"s and "Unsupported"s normal during boot, or, again, is this a sign of an issue that needs to be fixed?

Alright, that's all I got. Sorry for the novel, but I'd rather condense all my stupid questions into one post than spam the subreddit with various new threads of stupidity.

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