Help Fixing Intel UHD 620 GPU on i7-8565U

Hi guys, Can someone help me fix my iGPU UHD 620 on i7-8565U

I've these scenarios happening : 1. Some combos of device-id show Apple logo with no progress bar 2. Some combos show progress bar till half, go blank. 3. Some show bar till half go blank for some long time (200s) and come back to apple login screen. This case I can control my brightness. 4. Some combos boot perfectly alright but I can't control brightness

Here I'm attaching the EFI for the 4th case. EFI_drive Can someone look into this and help me?

My laptop : Acer aspire 5 514 52-78MD I7 8565U UHD 620 8GB Ram Realtek 8111 ethernet 512 gb nvme ssd


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