Could you help me deciding between a hackintosh or a mac?

Judging from your experience, could you help me with your advice? Should I go for Hackintosh or buy a mac?

I need to update my old MacBook from 2013. I am a software developer, I need Xcode and I like playing games from time to time.

I had two MacBooks at home from 2013, but one got water spilled and the repair cost equals to almost buying a new MacBook. It was a very painful experience.

What is more, the new macs (I was thinking about getting mac mini) cost arm and legs for what they offer in terms of computing power and gaming capabilities comparing them to a custom build desktop PC.

Should I go and build a Hackintosh? I am afraid of issues like bluetooth or wifi not working etc.

Or should I go and buy mac mini, upgrade RAM and buy eGPU? Or should I wait until September / October Apple events?

My current MacBook is getting slow. And in terms of gaming it is really bad.

What would you do? What your experience tells you?

I can afford the mac, on the other hand I prefer to spend those money elsewhere. My job however requires me working on macOS.

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