Can't boot back to Windows after using Disk Utility to install Mojave.

Hi guys. I'm using Clover to install Mojave alongside my Windows 10. When I entered the MacOS Utilities, I used Disk Utilities and erase the disk that I had created to install MacOS, it had done. And I entered Install MacOS, but when choosing disk to install, I couldn't found the disk that I've erased. So I booted back to Windows to see if something was wrong. Using Windows Boot Manager, not Clover. But the screen just said: 'Operation System not found'. I came back to MacOS which was on my USB. And saw that the disk that I had erased to install Mojave became disk0s6 and the Windows's disk was still there. So I DIDN'T ERASED WINDOWS, but now I can't enter both Windows and MacOS.

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