The MSI Z370 GAMING PLUS motherboard

TL;DR: *drools* will dis run? Anyone have experience with dis board?

So I'm ordering a brand new SSD for my computer that will be used to dual boot a new OS where i'll be free from the distractions of my windows OS and just work. I've been looking at hackintosh and linux, but I've been tempted by hackintosh since I already enjoy using my macbook pro, and would like compatibility with macOS applications.

From what I researched my hardware should be compatible (aside from my 1080Ti, but the integrated graphics for macOS seems to work very well), but I'm in a weird grey area for the motherboard.

The z370 chipset seems to get high praise for hackintosh, but the "anti buyers guide" on the reddit post mentioned that MSI brands can have a "Weird Memory Layout that requires KASLR fix".

I also took a look at review pages for my current mobo on amazon, one review said that it "works great on catalina, had lots of issues with mojave."

So my dilemma is unix or linux.

Should I be concerned about the challenges present if my goal is to be productive working on school? Or will sacrificing the app compatibility for the hardware compatibility in linux be worth it?

I'm sorry to come to this reddit with an already built system, I understand hackintosh just doesn't work like that, but I'm not finding much info on this motherboard outside of one review on amazon.

Here is my system if anyone has questions about it:

CPU: Intel i7-8086k (my pride & joy)

Mobo: MSI z370 gaming plus

RAM: 32gb ddr4 corsair vengeance.

GPU: GTX 1080ti (i dont intend for this to have support)

I'm getting a 240GB WD green ssd as the boot drive.

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