test driven an AMD system? Talk me out of a bad idea...

So, my 'big plan' is to build an AMD hack once the Zen3 chips come out later this year. But I'm getting antsy. I'd like to check and see exactly what I can get working and what I can't. So here's the idea that's been bouncing around my head...

get a nice x570 motherboard and a couple of sticks of ram. Use an old drive I've got lying around somewhere, spare power supply and case, AMD graphics card, and a cheap Ryzen 3 1200 off ebay. Use opencore, play with it, and in September upgrade the CPU to a Zen 3 4900x or whatever and put the OS on a fast M.2, if everything that I need to work works. I figure I'd be in for 200ish for the MB, 100 for the RAM, and depending on the graphics card who knows but I can use that in anything else I make. I have the $ so its not going to make me eat ramen for a month to do this.

Waste of time and money? Do you think the cpu change will make enough changes in the opencore install that I'll have to spend a lot of time redoing things? I'm marking this as 'discussion' since you can all review the merits of me having access to a computer based on my thought processes. The only other person I can ask is my wife and I already know her answer. Thanks!

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