Suggestions for Catalina?

I have a machine I put together a few years ago, with the following:

Gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H
Intel i5-4590
2x 4GB Crucial Ballistic RAM
USB WiFi adapter

It had MacOS running on it back in like 2015. But for work purposes wiped it and went back to Windows 10.

I want to see if anyone can point me to the direction of a guide for Catalina on this. I have searched and can't really locate anything for Catalina. I'm thinking maybe I need to go High Sierra, then update through the AppStore?

Also, any confirmation if iMessage/SMS/FaceTime works?

I'd appreciate anything the community can give me. I've been a lurker here in my feed (not really keeping up on the sub specifically, since at least 2015), you guys are great!

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