Ryzentosh + High Sierra - weird USB and External Audio behavior

Hail mary post here, but hopefully someone will appreciate and have some insight.

Relevant HW:

  • AMD Ryzen 3900x
  • MSI mpg x570 gaming edge wifi

Target OS:

  • High Sierra 10.13.6


  • iMacPro1,1

Working my way through my first Hackintosh build and doing my best with opencore documentation, existing posts. The OS starts up, and is mostly fine.

The problem I've run into, seems two fold spiral - while trying to sort out why my external audio devices sound comes out as choppy to the point where its more silence than sound, I realized my USB ports aren't really working either.

I tried to sort out what was going on with different audio kexts, only to discover it really looks like the USB ports on the MOBO are not really working; some usb 3 devices being recognized only as usb 2, some usb 2 devices not being recognized at all, and some ports flat out are not registered anywhere. I'm checking the behavior with IORegistryExplorer.

I've been trying to get through the opencore USB documentation and scanning through this subreddit, amd-osx etc, and finding it very difficult to pinpoint what I'm doing, and what I'm doing wrong. The best I can sort out, is that the USB ports are not functioning at their expected type (2, 3) and are maybe not driving power.

I hate being the one to ask for help when there's so much already documented, but I've been going in circles and chasing ghosts trying to track down what's going on. Any help or hints would be really appreciated!

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