Noobie needs some help - Stuck at install

I have spent the last 48 hours troubleshooting Opencore/setting UEFI setting just right... however now that the USB Boot Disk loads on the new machine i am stuck in the install:

CPU: i5-8600K

GPU: Sapphire R9 - 390 X2

RAM: Hyperx DDR4MacOS


MacOS Booting with OpenCore.

Audio Codec: IDK
Ethernet Card: Onboard, I can access internet within safari from boot disk/installer runs
Wifi/BT Card: onboard but disabled
Touchpad and touch display devices: none
BIOS revision: IDK

Guide used: Opencore Vanilla Desktop

Note: I followed TechNolli's Strix e-gaming build, used his video to help troubleshoot (i know not the best, but im 48 hours into knowing what a hackintosh is, the visual aids were helpful (or maybe not IDK)


what's working: I can boot from the Boot Drive, however if i follow the instructions and format the drive as APFS, i can select and install on the disc, but i cant see it in the Opencore Boot Menu after first reset. A different walk through used Mac OS Extended (Journaled), so i tried this, and i shows up in the OpenCore Boot Menu after the first reset, however after i boot from the drive and finish the install the drive disappears from the opencore boot menu....

whats not working: I guess my computer cant read the drive after install?

Personal Plea for Help:

I understand i am supposed to learn, however i am maxed out here! and Honestly it would make me so happy to give my Fiance the computer of her dreams and i am so close it hurts! Honestly, ive been up for 48 hours... and am so frustrated i am crying! - I will be glad to donate to your favorite charity if you can get me past my stalling point so i can progress and continue learning.

If there is any information you need to help me diagnose my issue please let me know and ill update ASAP!

-forever grateful for any advice!

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