Noob Question on OVERCLOCKED Ryzen 1700 (first Gen) + Nvidia 1080Ti Opencore

Good day to all.

I would like to ask all of you regarding any suggestions on why my over my issue.

First of all I would have to admit that my CPU and GPU combo is far of from being an ideal build however I would like to run Hackintosh on this system to do some productivity and experience it in a decent manner..

My issue is that whenever I increase my clock speed on my Ryzen 1700 the thing just crashes or it just load the login screen and nothing happens.

It just shows on the Command Prompt Unknown CPU + Unsyncronized TSC are not in SYNC

I used High Sierra since it is the last mac version that supports CUDA cores.

My system is Torture Tested on 3.9GHZ in windows so I am trying to apply it in this build also.

I can only run High Sierra in 3GHZ (stock)

Test System

AMD Ryzen (1st Gen) 1700 @ 3.9GHZ

16gb Samsung B die kits @ 3200MHZ

Samsung EVO 1tb SSD (sata)

Kext Loaded

Apple ALC

Fake SMC



HDMI audio fix

Thank you in advance!

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