Newer WD SN750 1 TB drive fails to boot hackintosh, turns it off instead.

I decided to upgrade my hackintosh using the newest version of the Western Digital SN750 1 TB NVME drive in my Gigabyte H370M-D3H board. It's in the correct slot for 4 x speeds, the other is a WD Blue 500 GB NVME drive in the other slot (my current boot drive).

The problem is - though I can copy the contents of the WD Blue to the 1TB with SuperDuper! making it bootable, and applying my EFI folder, I can't get it to boot to completion! It always gets to the Apple progress screen, and appears to be loading, only for it to suddenly slow down and cause the computer to wind down and shut off.

It's working fine when used as a data drive when booting the OS from the WD Blue. Doing tests with Disk Utility and Trim Enabler shows it's working fine in that regard.

Is there something I need to install within the Clover folder, or a command in the config.plist, that can get the SN750 to boot up? Or did WD do something with the controller on the newest drives? I'm running the current version of Catalina, with my system recognized as an iMac Pro.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

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