MacOS High Sierra Install stuck on 2 minutes remaining - APFS conversion problem.

Tried to install High Sierra on my laptop. But got stuck on 2 min left. Checked the install log and found an error: Partition can't be converted to apfs

But I selected MacOS extended (journaled)/ HFS+ while erasing the partition for install. Checked around for fixes but they are either documented under clover forums and work for that specifically, or the fix involves formatting the whole drive (instead of partition) - which I really can't do since I want to access the other partition on that disk while on Windows.

Note: Boot drive SSD - C: has efi partition of 260mb

Data drive is a separate HDD: - 1 data partition(for access in windows) - 1 other partition prepared for Mac. - 1 400 mb partition for efi (had to make it, otherwise installer reports with "mediakit not enough space error")

Need help, don't know what to do now.

Specs: i7-8750h (coffee lake) 8 GB DDR4 RAM GTX 1060 6GB (iGPU disabled by manufacturer) 120hz display (17.3")

Smbios used: MacbookPro9,1 (MacbookPro15,1 was causing problems - installer was not even getting started)

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