ITX case conundrum: to switch my case or chance another Taobao ITX GPU?

So I've built my first Hackintosh thanks in large part to this forum and some very helpful posts. Working BT/Wifi after usb mapping and Posted to F1 safe mode issues fixed.

I bought a no name RX 580 4gb ITX gpu from Taobao as it was super cheap and I thought I'd just give it a try. It's definitely a bit funky as it changes my BIOS and OC load screen to green, but seems to work fine in both windows and mac os.

I'm going to be doing more video work with the hack that I initially thought, so I have been looking at possible upgraded GPUs, but options in ITX are very limited. My current Jonsbo case ( can only accomodate a 21 cm card. The air flow is also a concern as mounting a case fan is impractical.

Question for y'all: Should I just change my case and go with a known working GPU in normal form factor?

Or do I dare another Taobao purchase and get the ASROCK RX 5500 XT Challenger 8 gb ITX? (

Does anyone know if this card will work with Opencore 0.5.9 and Catalina 10.15.5 without issues?

The new case, gpu and change to an ssf psu as well would prove to be more expensive than the 5500 xt ITX.

Appreciate any insights or opinions!

SYSTEM SPECS: i7 9700, Asus Z390 I ROG Strix, Radeon Rx 580 4gb, 32 GB ram, 1 TB Samsung 970 Pro nvme

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