First Time Hackintosh!

First Time Hackintosh!

First time PC build and also first time Hackintosh. Always an apple guy so of course I used on old MacPro and did an ATX Case mode first, and then got to hackintoshing

2008 MacPro

i9 9900k 8-core

AMD 5700XT

Designare Z390 motherboard


2 m.2 SSDs, 1TB and 256GB


Dual boots Mac and Windows, Catalina and Windows 10

OPenCore went real smooth, no big issues

I spliced the original front panel cables so that I am using the original power button, power led, and front panel USB ports. Also spliced some cables to run the original Mac fans straight from the power supply.

Next is to finish wiring the 3.5 mm jack.

Also got the onboard Bluetooth working, however no wifi yet.

All USB ports work, including USB-c, have not started to get thunderbolt to work yet.

Overall pretty pleased!

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