External Hardrive does not show up on Desktop

Hi guys!

Thanks for heaving me.

I have a problem I'm having for a very long time, and my last idea isn't working so I have no idea what to do now.

I have a Hackhintosh PC with Mohave and a laptop with windows 10. I have a 2T external harddrive to have enough storage on the go.

After I got the harddrive I pluget it into my mac without a problem (using paragon NTSF) and used it to transfer data between the two decice, but.

After a few months the harddisk just stopped showing up on the hackmac at all. It does not show up in Paragon or in the disk utility either - but it does and works fine on the win10laptop.

Today I gave up and formated it as a last resort. But it still does not show up on the hackmac even that it worked just fine in the beggining.

I tried all of my USB 3 ports but nothing. The light turn on it and makes a bit of a noise or I would say you feel its shaking with you hand, but does not show up on the desktop or mount at all.

As it works fine on the laptop I dont think it got corrupted or anything, but what do you think? If it did how can I fix it? Or maybe my hackmac's ports are at fault? They work with other devices tho... Or the cable? But its works with the laptop so... Idunno.

I would really appreciate any help.

(sorry if my long story is hard to understand, its not my nativ language)

(I'm very sorry if this post is in the wrong subredit. If its not in the right one feel free to delete it.)

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