Dying Hackintosh?

Since apple revealed arm Mac all the Hackintoshers are now in trouble. The T2 Security chip found in 2015 MacBooks or later it's the first concern about Hackintosh death before The Apple Silicon people are thing that Hackintoshes will last upto 2027 and ofcourse that's not the case due to T2 chip and which can't be emulated by some stupid KEXT. Apple gave 2012 macs support of 8 years. And they might give atleast 3 more years of support for 2014 MacBooks and from there story will change completely macOS will now require T2 Security Chip you must be wondering now Hackintoshes are dead. And the answer is yeaahhhhhhhhh no because apple has wide range of macs there is one more saver for Hackintosh and that is iMac which comes with same processor MacBook Pro 2019 has has shipped with ofcourse that is i9 9900k the beast processor and apple should give this a support of atleast 4-8 years until the Hackintoshes dies and that's not the whole story. Apple will release some of intel macs in 2020 and high end macs like Mac Pro series should have an intel processor rather than apple silicon. And macpro should get the support of atleast a decade . Tell me what are your thoughts on death of Hackintosh.

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