Asus ROG Strix Z370-E gaming with PCIe Wi-Fi?

First-time hackintosher here trying to decide on a mobo for a new build!

I’m planning to go the OpenCore route, and it seems like the Asus Z370-A I/II yields the smoothest results. Unfortunately, I can’t find any listings below $200, while my target price is more like $120 or less (based on price history for new and used). r/hardwareswap appears to play in that range of $60-$80, but the listings are few and far between, and I haven’t had any luck picking one up.

Anyway, I’ve seen a few listings for the Z370-E, but I’m worried the onboard WiFi/Bluetooth will cause problems with my Fenvi T919. Does anyone have experience with this? Could I just plug the Fenvi into PCIe and disable the onboard controller through BIOS? Or would I need to physically remove the built-in module from the board? Or is PCIe just not doable and I’d have to replace the module in the M.2 slot?


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