Would my computer be hackintosh-able? If so, what version?

Rule 4:

Motherboard Model: 'ASUS Prime A329M-E'

CPU: 'AMD A10-9700 RADEON R7'

GPU: Don't see it in System Information on Windows 10 (System Summary)

Install Method: I plan to use gibmacOS and it's built-in usb-flashing thing which puts a macOS recovery image directly from Apple onto a USB stick with Clover on it.

RAM: 8 gigabytes. Pretty sure it is DDR4, but I'm not sure because System Information doesn't mention what sort it is

Storage: Internal 1TB Hard Drive with Manjaro Linux and Windows 10 Home installed, and a 1TB external hard drive which I plan to use alongside macOS.

If there is any more information you need from me, feel free to notify me in the comments of this post so I may add it to a comment (or to the post - I don't recall if editing posts is a thing yet).

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