looking into making a budget-ish small formfactor hackintosh for development and htpc use. how does this build look?

cpu: i5-6400 (semi cheap chip that according to the wiki supports current mac os)

gpu: radeon hd 8760 (again something semi cheap that the wiki says supports catalina)

motherboard: ASRock B365M/ASRock Z170M itx/ac (socket 1151 mini itx with bluetooth, wifi, and m.2 slot)

ram: vengence 2x4GB 2666mhz ddr4 (small amount but enough for web browsing and mulitasking)

case: Fractal Node 202 (tiny mini itx case with usb 3 ports)

psu: some modular sfx psu

storage: 256gb m.2 (mostly just streaming so not a lot of storage needed)

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