Installed Manjaro Linux first, then Catalina How to install Clover on the drive's EFI afterwards?

I have successfully installed MacOS Catalina on my hard drive, and Manjaro Linux is sharing the same physical drive as MacOS, so both are in their own partitions. Since I had installed Manjaro previously, the default boot sequence loads Manjaro, taking me right to the login screen. No GRUB menu or other bootloader.

Currently the only way to get into MacOS is if I use the USB drive that was used to install the operating system, using Clover on its EFI partition. How do I install Clover bootloader on the hard drive EFI while not mess up the Manjaro install already there?

I have already tried installing the bootloader from here on MacOS but after restarting I am not taken to the bootloader menu, but still getting Manjaro's login screen.

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