[Help] Foolish mistake - upgraded to 10.15.4

After putting it off for ages I finally decided to allow MacOS to update to 10.15.4. I had seen zero problems with updates since 10.15.0, so I was a bit complacent and just set the machine off to do it's thing. Came back half an hour later to a black screen with only a mouse cursor.

Verbose looks fine, clover works perfectly, but something must have changed in this update. Does anyone know what may have caused it and how I can get the machine going again before Monday? Should have known not to mess with a working environment >:(

CPU: i5-4690K (not O/C)

Graphics: Intel graphics 4600 (Do have a GTX750Ti in the cupboard but had to remove it to upgrade past High Sierra)

MoBo: Gigabyte Z97N

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