Troubles with wifi and graphics after installing rx580

Hey all. Had a working mackintosh on Mojave 10.14.5 using only the iGPU, including wifi. Finally bought an rx580 and having troubles getting my wifi working again.

In BIOS I changed it from internal to the rx580, and in my config I changed smbios from iMac18,1 to iMac18,3.

Now when logging in, the wifi icon says there's no hardware installed, and I have artifacts on the screen randomly. I went back to iMac 18,1 and my wifi works. Back to 18,3, and it doesn't. My assumption is the graphics glitch will be solved by upgrading to 18,3 but not sure what else I need to get my wifi working. BCM94360CD / BCM94331CD is the whip I'm using.

If anyone can point me in the right direction for 1 or both of these issues, I'd appreciate it.

General specs: 8700k, BCM94360CD / BCM94331CD chip, Saphire Pulse RX580.

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