[Desperate] Longtime Successful XPS 15 Now Refuses to Allow Mojave Reinstallation

Hello Hackintosh community! I am posting here because I am at my wit's end with the following problem....

I have run MacOS of several flavors on my Dell Precision 5520 (XPS 15 9560) including Niresh Mojave, Olarila Mojave, Vanilla Mojave, Niresh Catalina, Olarila Catalina, and Vanilla Catalina (10.14.4, 10.14.5, 10.14.6, 10.15.1, 10.15.2, and 10.15.3, including numerous betas). All of them worked very well, but now I am stumped. I intentionally erased the internal NVMe to reinstall Mojave since it was having hiccups I didn't want to track down. I have an entire 2tb external HDD which is devoted solely to Time Machine to always have emergency copies and from which have been able to restore my data flawlessly to fresh installs previously.

The problem is that every damn time I try installing MacOS now, I am denied. It often starts with "13 minutes left to install" and progresses a small way up to progress bar and says 12 minutes, but every time I am presented an error windows reading "macOS could not be installed on your computer. No packages were eligible to install." I have tried formatting the drive as both HFS+ and APFS, including a drive wipe from the BIOS. I also took the laptop apart and unplugged the battery and held the power button, which successfully reset the BIOS. I have tried Niresh, Olarila, and vanilla variants and on several different known-working USB flash drives plugged into various ports on my laptop. What makes the matter stranger to me is that Catalina installs fine, but I really would like Mojave back since my USB WiFi adapter among other things don't work on Catalina, nor have I gotten my iGPU to work...

I am at the point where I have no idea what else I can try, but I worked so hard getting a superbly functioning Mojave and cannot accept that my laptop is never again going to run Mojave :( Please halp.

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