USB Mapping (OpenCore)

USB Mapping (OpenCore)

I am following this guide, but was hoping someone could clear up a couple of questions for me.

- I'm a little confused where the guide says to edit the Plist file of the AMD-USB-MAP.kext (as the port names are completely different names and numbers when I open the Plist file compared to my DSDT and my IoReg). the Kext Plist file it's labelled as "POT" #1-9 , as well as "PO" #9-22. (ie: POT1, POT2, POT3, ...POT9, PO9, PO10, PO11...PO22)

I'm not quite sure what I am supposed to be doing next?

My main goal is to get my FV-T919 Fenvi Wifi Card Working. (Wifi currently works, but no Bluetooth.)

So I drew out my PC and labelled all the ports. (Tested with USB 2.0 and 3.0 sticks with IoReg app.)

I realized most of my USB ports are on "XHCO@0,3". (Counting all USB 3 Ports are TWO, and regular USB Ports are ONE... "XHC0@0,3" only has 14 Ports in Total.

The Rest of my Ports seem to be on "XHC1@0,1". This is where my FV-T919 Card is, as IoReg goes Red here when I remove the USB Power cord from the Wifi's Bluetooth slot/my Mobo USB slot. On "XHC1@0,1" (Counting all ports on this one I only have 5 Ports in Total.)

Does this mean no ports need to be disabled as both are under 15? Or am I mistaken?

And what would I require to get my Bluetooth working?

XCH0@0,3 shows something about a IOUSBHostDevice... I'm not sure what that is (the little note on my drawing at the bottom with question marks. It did not go red when I removed my bluetooth power from the wifi card/mobo.)

XHC0@0,3 PRT6 USB 2.0 Hub is my bluetooth dongle for my MX Master Mouse.

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