Help with ROG AREION 10G NIC causing GPU glitches

Hey All

Wondering if anyone has any idea what would be causing my Vega Vii to bug out when I have the ROG AREION 10G installed in my Designer z390 hackintosh? I followed the vanilla guide when building so no multi beast weirdness here.

Clover and macOS Catalina are booting up fine (no errors as far as I can see) and I can see the log in screen for macOS but it’s flashing on and off every half a second so I can’t use it.

Everything is fine when I don’t have the ROG AREION 10G NIC installed.

I’ve tried it in the 2 spare PCI-E x16 slots. I see in the second PCI-E slot drops the 1st and 2nd to x8 when in use and the last x16 only runs at x4 but I only need x4 for the ROG AREION 10G so I’d like to use the 3rd x16 slot if I can.

Any ideas? I’ve tried searching the googles but haven’t found anything similar for help

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