Genuinely surprised by the performance of this machine.

Genuinely surprised by the performance of this machine.

Someone posted on here a while back looking for cheap hardware recommendations that would play well with Mojave and Catalina, this reminded me that I had bought a Lenovo E73 Haswell i3 based SFF PC a while back on eBay (£39!!) for a project I never got round to.

Heres a link for a similar listing

So I dug it out and loaded a drive with the Catalina installer, this went smoothly, once installed (Vanilla) I loaded the latest version of Clover, injected the fake id for my HD4400, downloaded the SSDT for my i3 (4130) and Lilu and AppleALC, etc.

The result? I'm actually blown away by the performance of this machine given its truly meager price of £39, it's quick and snappy and does everything I need it to, sound, shutdown, restart, sleep, USB 3.0, USB 2.0...everything works great. I have also noticed that Catalina is playing well with and feels snappy on my mechanical 7200RPM 250GB drive, as a result, I am going to use this as my energy-efficient computer for when I am doing web browsing and light design work (the majority of the time) and I will religate the heaver tasks like gaming and rendering to my main Ryzen hack that lacks power management, I really am very pleased with this and would recommend it 100%.

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