Booting sometimes and unable to partition or format my SSD dive sometimes.

Hello All. Firstly Happy new years. I've been trying to get mac osx mojave on my laptop. Its a toshiba satillate E45T 4300 with intel core I5 4200U. I have a few problems and a primary problem. So lets start.

I first started trying the config.plist from RehabMan laptop repo. Since it isn't natively supported , and i saw my graphics(HD4400) i figured i needed to use the one for 4200,4400,4600 with the fake id. So after a bit of reading and tinkering. I was unsuccessful at installing from a full installer. It just kept freezing at the apple logo with the progress bar. This would happen ether before i made it to the installer or after on the second reboot with mojave. There were some instances were the installer would freeze when i tried to partition my drive to APFS(spinning wheel and can't click anything, left it for like 2 hours and still the same thing). So eventually it wound up working and i partitioned the drive to GUID APFS (no other params). Then i tried to install. So with mojave it would be at 10 min, and the shoot from 10 min to 2 min then sit for like 5 -8 min and then reboot. At that point it starts up again and proceeds to finish up. This is where i left if overnight when i was asleep and when i woke up it was still at the same position and no numbers under the progress bar. I would never get pass this point with mojave.

So then i tried high-sierra full installer and it would make it to the installer but not pass 2 minutes remaining while inside the installer. I left it over-night as well and it was still there in the installer. So i decided had to reinstall windows to check my specs in detail. So after getting my specs, i poped in the flash drive to install high sierra and in addition to it not booting up consistently(stopping at the apple logo at either 0 or 15% or even a little further at 20%, no numbers just my guess, pictures are attached below ),it cannot format or partition the drive at all. It will just hang. Their was even a time were i went to it and tried to format and disk utility just crashed and put me back at the install utility. That actually happened on both mojave and high sierra.(But again eventually worked in mojave).

So now after a bit more research , i stumbled apon doing a recovery install. I get everything set up with high sierra and it still has the inconsistent booting issues and unable to format or partition the drive(just hangs with spinning wheel), i decided to try mojave partitioning the drive to GUID APFS and then doing the recovery install with high sierra. I actually am able to Partition and then try to install only to realize i do not have a connection to Ethernet. So i check my Ethernet kext and sure enough its the one i'm supposed to use, because after two other boots i go into network utility and i actually have network information but no ip...what is going on, this is wild. So in the same tutorial about the recovery install(linked below), i found a kext called HoRNDIS. It apparently allows mobile devices to tether internet connection. So i tried it and booted again to no avail. So then i so happen to decide to plug both the Ethernet and my android into the computer and boot it. And what do you know ,i have an ip address. What is going on? So i attempt to install and everything goes well actually and i'm greeted to the welcome screen(still high sierra) but everything is slow. Make it to the desktop but everything is slow. I also had to delete VoodooPS2Controller.kext because it kept causing a Kernel panic with high-sierra (im lost). So then i remembered (don't know if i'm wrong) about uncommenting the ig-platform-id key. So i reinstalled after a couple more freezes(at the apple logo with progress bar) and it seems way more stable.

But then dummy dum me copied the kexts over to the extentions folder , it just would would not make it over to the login screen. I understand i goofed but i learned alot. So im at it again, this time im trying mojave (dark theme is better on my eyes) and it NEVER gets connected from the Ethernet. High sierra gets it but mojave never does. Also in mojave i have 3 choices in network utility on the tab you start on. Ethernet0, item2 , item3, all of them have blank information. So i'm gonna try to install high sierra again, but i really would like to solve the stuck at apple screen issue. I had un-commented the key IntelGFX but it still didn't make a difference. Still hangings at times at the apple logo and progress bar.

I have screen shots of specs, where i'm getting stuck at and other information below. I really want to solve the hanging issue first as that the most pressing. I hope someone can take the time out and see this and offer some advise. I'm still new to this. I am tech savy and i want to keep trying. I just wanted to get enough information before posting. Don't want to waste anyone's time. I also wanted to reflash my bios but i can't. Battery is shot so it never charges and computer only comes on when battery is plugged in. The flash bios utility will only work if the battery is 20% or more. I've already opened up the laptop and disconnected the battery, tried powering on without the battery with the ac adapter plugged in(it won't) and have taken the other HDD out of the computer and extra ram. Ive also tried cpus=1 and -wegnoegpu and even safe mode. Still doesn't boot consistently. Thanks in advance for any help.

Recovery Install Guide

A post from here but didn't help, i know it's desktop but its worth a try.

which links to

which is why i wanted to flash my bios. To reset MemMap to see if that would help.

This is the link to my clover files , native acpi files and memmap.

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