Attempting vanilla - stuck on install

Hi all - long time user of tools we don’t discuss here and thought I’d dive into vanilla method because why not.

Followed guide and am stuck here. Still at the install phase and isn't getting anywhere. Can’t seem to get past it. Unsure if kext related but when I delete the atheros kext it hangs at the step above the one in the pic. I’ve tried an older 2.2.0 atheros kext and didn’t make a difference.

Attempting to install Catalina - 15.2 App Store version.

Gigabyte Z97x gaming 7, 4790k, 16gb, Samsung 950ssd, Gigabyte 5700xt oc. Clover v5092

Kexts in the ‘other’ folder as here

WEG is the newest 1.3.6 beta version. All others in folder as per links in vanilla guide.

Thanks all

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