Monitors being recognized, but not are being used.

Upgrading from GTX970 to RX580, so doing a fresh install of Mojave. I seem to almost have everything in order, but only two of the three monitors are being used. All three are good on boot and work in Win10. The monitor that's not being used is seen by Displays in System Preferences and System Information. Unplugging/replugging the power and video cables doesn't fix the issue.

This is a fresh install and EFI folder based on the Vanilla guide in the side bar. Some SMBIOS settings were copied over from the working El Capitan EFI folder. I'm guessing I have something wrong in Devices.


i5-4690 (Haswell)

RX580(previously GTX970)




Clover v2.5k r5100

Clover Configurator Global

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