Very Low Nucintosh Geekbench Scores

I have a Nuc8i7Beh that was very easy to set up. Vanilla install then just added an EFI folder from LeisureOne that seems to work for everyone.

Booted in 20 minutes. Piece of cake.

But when I run geekbench I get 1000 and 4000 for single and multi cpu. That seems about 4-5x slower than it should be.

Are there any “usual culprits” when it comes to things like this? Are those scores for “multi thread, or multi core”? “Maybe only one core is being used?

Seems strange because the machine is really what you see is what you get, so how it could be that far off I just don’t know.

What specific things would be required to know to troubleshoot? Any help would be appreciated.

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