Relatively low geekbench score on I7-4770K + GA-Z87M-D3H with no dsdt patch. Help!!

Hi, I'm new to Hackintosh!

I've installed the latest Olaria Catalina from this url: and everything went pretty smooth.

My hardware is based on: I7-4770K + GA-Z87M-D3H + 32GB Ram.

I believe my installation is relatively easy as I don't use WIFI connection and don't use external graphic card (using the built-in one - Intel Graphics 4600).

Per my checks, everything seems pretty good, no display quirks, the audio works fine, sleep and showdown work as well.

My concern is potentially poor performance. My Geekbench 4 score for single core was about ~970 and for multi core about ~3500.

I've seen much better numbers over the net using the same processor (I7-4770K + GA-Z87M-D3H + 32GB RAM).

I haven't patched my dsdt and ssdt, could be this the reason? Assuming everything seems to be working, is there a reason of patching dsdt and ssdt?

Thanks for your help

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