Help Installing Mojave on Lenovo 110 15isk

I have a Lenovo 110 15isk Specs : Intel Core i3-6006U. Intel HD Graphics 520. 4096 MB Ram I tried making a bootable Usb Using another high end Pc and Virtualbox , and the copying speed on Unibeast is so slow . Yesterday i got stuck on Installing Clover bootloader. I just did everything all over again and now i'm looking for a way to boot to the installer , i'm not a pro in editing config.plist or Kexts and all these things. I found some threads on the internet and a voting poll showed that 90% of ppl got success on runing Mojave on 110 15isk . Please help and is there any zip for EFI that i can copy and boot to the installer without sudden reboots.

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