Dell Optiplex 755 Sound (HELP PLEASE!!)

Hi. I am in the process of turning my Dell Optiplex 755 (MT) into a Hackintosh. Currently I’m running Mountain Lion (Niresh) and not planning on updating it unless I have to but I do plan on installing Mavericks (Niresh). Anyway I was wondering if anyone could help me fix a few issues

  1. The sound is not working. It was working with VoodooHDA but after I installed Clover it stopped working and kernel panicked unless I deleted VoodooHDA.kext in safe mode. Other Kexts/fixes I’ve tried haven’t worked
  2. Not a big deal but I have an HD 7770 and when it’s booted up it has a white screen so I have to sleep then wake up the computer for anything to show on screen (after that with full acceleration). I was wondering if there is a fix for this so on boot it just works. Again not a big deal more focused on the audio but if it’s available might as well.

Everything else (as far as I’m aware) works.I have signed into iCloud in system preferences but iMessage didn’t work (bad internet could also be to blame) I installed an iMessage patch I found but haven’t tried since.

Will provide updates if anything works


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