Motherboard Model: GA-Z170X-UD5 TH

CPU: Intel i7 6770 4.00 GHz


Install Method: Unibeast (back in 2016, using TonyMacx86's guide)

After 3 years of a stable build (Sierra), I finally got the courage to dive in to install Windows 10 on a separate internal 250GB SSD so that I could get Thunderbolt working. I had to flash the BIOS to the latest firmware (F22g) to install the Thunderbolt driver. I succeeded in doing this, installed the Thunderbolt driver, and tested it on both my Windows 10 install and my Sierra install. It worked! :-) But then I hit a snag :-( ... my Nvidia web driver refused to turn on. I had to stop there as I was traveling for work. Now, keep in mind I had all my drives plugged in again and was able to choose which drive to boot from in Clover. Both Windows 10 and MacOS Sierra were working. I come home 2 weeks later and turn on the machine to see if I could figure out this Nvidia issue and suddenly, my machine can only boot to BIOS. After BIOS, it does not show Clover anymore, shuts off and restarts. The cruel sequence goes like this: I press power button once, BIOS boots, then everything goes black, a few seconds later, it turns on again and repeats over and over until I press and hold the power button to end it. I am able to access my BIOS settings and have tried the defaults, my old settings, and some newer settings. No dice.

I tried everything. I tried one drive at a time. CMOS reset (both in BIOS and manually on the board). I removed peripherals. I unplugged internal peripherals. Used internal graphics. I built a new Unibeast USB installer thumbdrive to see if I could boot off of that. I tried booting off the Windows 10 install disk. Nothing. Is. Working.

I'm fairly confident this is an issue with the BIOS, but I'm not sure what to do or where to start. I'm really discouraged and could desperately use some help. Please someone throw me a lifeline here. Happy to provide screenshots, photos, or video of my situation.

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